Living room tips #4

Check out these 10 secrets at to make your living room neat.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Put some “speed bumps” in your entry.
  2. Choose bilevel furniture.
  3. Use furniture with hidden storage.
  4. Use rolling storage for kids’ toys.
  5. Give newspapers and magazines a temporary home.
  6. Be honest about what is used in this room and make space for it.
  7. Use baskets.
  8. Keep a little-stuff drawer.
  9. Streamline media storage.
  10. Keep a thoughtfully edited book collection.

Living room tips #3

Organize your living room following these steps at

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Containerize the remote controls.
  2. Increase storage space by using an ottoman or a trunk.
  3. Control clutter by storing magazines in a vintage (or new) magazine rack.
  4. Use baskets to store blankets & other commonly used items.
  5. Store candles & scentsy bars together in a drawer or basket, close to the warmer.

Living room tips #2

Check these easy tips at to organize your living room.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Use the built-in baskets.
  2. Stack magazines in a tray.
  3. Get a kitchen caddy to hold remotes.
  4. Stow toys in a built-in basket.
  5. Keep supplies close at hand.
  6. Stash your multimedia stuff.
  7. Use retractable trays to snack safely.
  8. Store everyday items in a lower tray.
  9. Pile magazines on a lower shelf.
  10. Combine trays to set up zones.
  11. Use office accessories creatively.
  12. Protect the table from food spillage.
  13. Conceal your magazines, but keep them accessible.
  14. Hide extra blankets in a photo box.

Living room tips #1

See these 10 cheap organizing tips for your home at

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Use shoe boxes as DIY dividers.
  2. Use a picture frame as dry-erase board.
  3. Use pegboards to create a mini dressing station.
  4. Use velcro as stuffed animal storage.
  5. Use a stepladder as a bedside table.
  6. Use magnets as a medicine cabinet organizer.
  7. Use jars as floating storage spaces.
  8. Use picture frame as key holder.
  9. Use a wine rack as a wall organizer.
  10. Use a tension rod to store cleaning products.