Bathroom tips #2

See these 30 brilliant organization and storage solutions at for your bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Bathroom aplliance storage
  2. Free cabinet door storage bin plans
  3. Rustic bathroom storage
  4. Hair tool storage cabinet
  5. Two shower curtains instead one plus extra inspiration
  6. DIY pocket organizer
  7. Expandable under sink shelf organizer
  8. How to organize medicine cabinet
  9. A Tisket. A Tasket. A wall full of baskets
  10. Cute personalized bathroom shelves
  11. How to update a bathroom
  12. Bathroom DIY magazine rack (tutorial)
  13. DIY bathroom towel storage in under 5 minutes
  14. Fast and easy DIY shelving
  15. Bathroom container labels – free printables
  16. Organize this: linens!
  17. Hanging baskets craft project
  18. Lovely DIY bathroom yarn labeling
  19. Master bathroom reveal
  20. Small bathroom storage solutions
  21. 5 DIY bathroom storage
  22. Rope-shaped decorations
  23. Elsie’s organization tips
  24. Lovely plant holders repurposed in bathroom
  25. Beautiful DIY mirror frame
  26. DIY magnetic strip in bathroom
  27. Put a book shelf above your door for extra storage
  28. DIY magnetic makeup board
  29. Storing bath towels
  30. Bathroom organizers

Bathroom tips #10

Check out these 19 clever ideas at for a clutter-free bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Adapted shower caddy
  2. Shower curtain pockets
  3. Washcloth stand
  4. Mounted magnetic toothbrush strip
  5. Mounted broom clips for electric toothbrushes
  6. Cabinet toothbrush notches
  7. Doubled shower rods
  8. Hanging products
  9. Mason jar storage
  10. Planter box organizer
  11. Floating shelves
  12. Repurposed kitchen cart
  13. Oil bottles
  14. Wire food stands
  15. File baskets
  16. Toilet roll cord holder
  17. PVC pipe holster
  18. PVC pipe razor holder
  19. Under-sink lazy susans and baskets

Bathroom tips #9

See these 11 cheap things at that can greatly help you organize your bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Use a lazy susan
  2. Add plastic baskets
  3. Try a shower organizer
  4. Create chic open shelving
  5. File away hot tools
  6. Contain your cups
  7. Use a spice rack
  8. Hang a shoe organizer
  9. Add another rod
  10. Mount rustic crates
  11. Store by the cord

Bathroom tips #7

Check out these 11 ideas at for organizing a small bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Utilize vertical space with the shelves
  2. Organize with plastic shoe boxes
  3. Use a lazy susan for a cabinet
  4. Use a hair dryer holder
  5. Use a towel-bar combo shelf
  6. Put a DIY mason jar organizer on your wall
  7. Use back of the doors for storage
  8. Install an under cabinet storage system
  9. Store in wall mounted wicker window boxes or baskets
  10. Hang wire baskets
  11. Use small mason jars for little items

Bathroom tips #5

Use these 25 organizers at for your bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Towel bar trio
  2. Bathroom organizer
  3. Terry-cloth caddy
  4. Bathroom cubbyholes
  5. Bathroom remodeling tips
  6. Towel ladder
  7. Uniform bottles
  8. Magnet organizers
  9. Organizing toiletries
  10. Drawer dividers
  11. Sliding trays
  12. Handy hair dryer
  13. Soap in a sponge
  14. Recycling vintage planters
  15. Color-coded towel tags
  16. Roll holder
  17. Toiletry shelf
  18. Towel cabinet
  19. First-aid kit
  20. Vertical towel rack
  21. Storing bulk supplies
  22. Perfect towels
  23. Terry slipcover
  24. Washcloth mitt
  25. Trim curtains
  26. Rolling towel

Bathroom tips #1

Check out these 17 clever ideas at for a small bathroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Powder room pizazz
  2. Free up floor space
  3. Climb the walls
  4. Add-on storage
  5. Venture outside
  6. Everything right
  7. Look down
  8. Suit your storage needs
  9. Clutter control
  10. Trick of the eye
  11. Sleek design
  12. Quality investment
  13. Slide aside
  14. Mirror, mirror
  15. Classic storage
  16. Float on
  17. Appliance science