Bedroom tips #5

Follow these 20 easy ways at to organize your bedroom.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Separate the items in your drawers
  2. Use a dresser as your nightstand
  3. Place your throw pillows overnight in a basket
  4. Include pretty, practical bookshelves
  5. Keep a pile-free zone
  6. Do not leave trash around
  7. Add a pegboard to your room
  8. Build a multi-purpose headboard
  9. Install hooks to your shelves
  10. Add a storage-friendly platform to your bed
  11. Line up your shoes on a ladder shelf
  12. Store your jewelry inside this wall mirror
  13. Hide all your items in this floating shelf
  14. Organize your items in a handy cubby
  15. Use corner shelves to save space
  16. Create your very own storage system
  17. Leave your clothes in a closet
  18. Organize your jewelry on a dresser
  19. Take advantage of storage furniture
  20. Style your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.