Garden tips #4

Enjoy these 15 ideas at to organize your gardening supplies.

Here is a quick summary for you:

1. Use an old rolling cart and store your tools on wheels.

2 – 5. Hang your gardening supplies up against the wall: build a pegboard, a wall organizer, or hang them on a trellis or pegs rails.

6 – 8. Take your tools to the garden with you: turn a carpenter’s nail belt or an old pair of jeans into a portable tool caddy, or use something you already have like an old milk bottle carrier.

9 – 10. Reuse an old mailbox: stake it in the ground or attach it to the side of a raised bed.

11 – 12. Upcycle an old shelf or dresser.

13. Create a planting calendar with some ribbon and clothespins.

14. Build a garden tool rack using old spigots and wood scraps.

15. Keep your tools in a terracotta pot filled with sand and a little bit of mineral oil (or try another oil like linseed): the mixture will clean the tools and prevent rust and corrosion.