Garden tips #1

Check out these 16 genius ideas at for your garden tool organization.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Hang a bike basket to hold gardening gloves, twine, and other gardening essentials.
  2. Wrap your garden hose around a bucket hung on the wall.
  3. Turn a pallet into a garden tool organization center.
  4. Create a garden carry-all to take with you wherever you go in the garden.
  5. Choose one wall in your garage to organize all those tools with long handles.
  6. Alternatively, here’s a wooden garden tool rack for the large tools.
  7. Reuse some of your old jeans to create this garden tool bucket.
  8. Use an old steel rake to organize your hand tools.
  9. If you’re not afraid of a weekend project, you’ll fall in love with this DIY potting bench.
  10. Attach a mailbox to the side of a raised garden bed to keep your tools right where you need them.
  11. Or install a mailbox near your garden, and put your gloves and most frequently used tools inside.
  12. Install strips of wood along the wall with knobs or hooks for hanging your tools.
  13. Fill clay pots with sand and stick your hand tools in them to keep them sharp and organized.
  14. Can you believe this used to be an old file cabinet?
  15. Use scrap wood and old knobs and spigots to create a rustic, weathered garden tool rack.
  16. And, finally, let’s not forget one of our favorite organizational tools: the pegboard!