Garage tips #4

Read these tips at before you organize your garage.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. The best reason to tackle this project
  2. The big clean-out: getting started
  3. The big clean-out: continued
  4. Store elsewhere: paint
  5. Store elsewhere: propane
  6. Store elsewhere: paper goods
  7. Store elsewhere: refrigerator
  8. Store elsewhere: pet food
  9. Don’t skimp on safety
  10. Draft a floor plan
  11. The single most-important clutter-busting tip
  12. Must-have storage products for garages
  13. More must-have storage products for garages
  14. Why open shelves are usually better than closed cabinets
  15. Vertical organizing systems: pegboard
  16. Vertical organizing systems: track-based systems
  17. Vertical organizing systems: panelized systems
  18. Use overhead space wisely
  19. How to squeeze in a workbench
  20. Fill air leaks between the garage and house
  21. Invest in good door and window locks
  22. Worth-it upgrade: epoxy the floor
  23. Seal the threshold
  24. Upgrade the lighting and electrical systems
  25. The best way to pull in
  26. Keep it clean for good