Garage tips #1

Check out these 49 brilliant ideas at for the garage organization.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Great shove rack for organizing garden tools
  2. Floor tile as as wall covering
  3. Garage organization for real families
  4. Pretty up garage space by painting steps
  5. Easy storage and organization solutions
  6. Add a tool tower rack
  7. Utilize wall space for storage
  8. Hang everything
  9. Ceiling storage saves space
  10. Build a mud room
  11. Install cabinets
  12. Make use of small spaces
  13. Make a garden closet
  14. Consider an add-on
  15. Create a peg rail organizer
  16. Use a pegboard to make space
  17. Add a wall organizer
  18. Add color by staining your concrete floor
  19. Hanging, boxing and sorting
  20. Create a complete pegboard system
  21. Update your garage doors
  22. Magnetic strips can hold tools
  23. Steel pegboards for tool storage
  24. Grab a fast-track organization system
  25. Make over your mud room
  26. Make a dispenser for tape
  27. Organize paint and so much more
  28. Hang bikes on walls
  29. Plastic tubs and grouping
  30. Use your studs
  31. Hang jars under shelves
  32. Labels make all the difference
  33. Make a pallet bike rack
  34. Use nylon tool holders
  35. Great tool storage ideas
  36. 10 ways to organize the garage
  37. Create a garden center
  38. Create a workbench space
  39. 6 garage zones for maximum organization
  40. Create rolling cabinets for tool storage
  41. Metal racks hold wrenches securely
  42. One well-organized wall
  43. Plastic cups on a pegboard
  44. Paint the floor decoratively
  45. Label metal planters for storage
  46. Add inexpensive storage baskets
  47. Use colorful duct tape
  48. Choose a corner for organization
  49. Get a gear track