Office tips #8

Enjoy these tips at for your home office organization.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Give yourself a clear area to work
  2. Designate an area for office supplies, files, books, and reference materials
  3. Take advantage of vertical space
  4. Keep things where they’re convenient
  5. Position equipment according to how often it’s used
  6. Turn a regular dresser drawer into a slide-out printer drawer
  7. Use decorative baskets or bins to keep office supplies organized
  8. A leftover mint tin is the perfect size for organizing business cards
  9. A rolling cart makes a great portable office
  10. Keep electronics cords untangled
  11. Create a unified look in your office by using binders, boxes, files and accessories all in the same color, pattern or texture
  12. Make sure you have a place for everything in your office