Bedroom tips #1

Follow these 19 simple tips at to keep your bedroom neat.

Here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Do a wardrobe cleanse.
  2. Fold sweaters.
  3. Hang with a plan.
  4. Color code.
  5. Shelf or hang bags.
  6. Keep drawers tidy.
  7. Design shoe storage to fit your space.
  8. Store items under the bed.
  9. Use headboard space.
  10. Pick the right nightstand.
  11. Don’t forget footboard storage.
  12. Display organized jewelry.
  13. Keep a clean vanity.
  14. Fit in a desk.
  15. Maximize wall space.
  16. Minimize laundry space.
  17. Use a coat rack for extra hanging space.
  18. Invest in storage ottomans.
  19. Decorate with hanging hooks.